Political Background

Morgan has been known for her lifelong commitment to social causes.  Over the past three decades her political activism and humanitarian service has been extensive.  Below, are some of the highlights.


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The sex symbol and ‘Flamingo Road’ star knows more about Syria and science than you do—and she can handle herself in war zones. Click Here for an in-depth article.


Current 3-year board member of Screen Actors Guild and has served on several diverse committees, including co-chair Legislative Committee, National Executive Committee, SAG-AFTRA Relations Committee, Commercials Contracts Committee, Honors and Tributes Committee (HATS), and Guild Governance and Rules Committee.


Has lobbied for years for Choice. Helped organize the Hollywood contingent to Washington D.C. and led pro-choice marches in 1989 and 1992. Worked with NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Has done many fundraisers over the years for Choice.

Lobbying for Choice with Leonard Nimoy, Bonnie Franklin, Barbara Bosson, Valerie Harper, Melanie Mayron, and others.

Leading Pro-Choice March on Wash., DC in1992 organized by Hollywood Women’s Political Committee.

Morgan speaking at the Pro-Choice Rally.

Backstage at the Rally with Faye Wattleton (former head of Planned Parenthood), Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Rev. Jesse Jackson

Has worked across the aisle to try to forge consensus on issues she cares about.

With Larry Thompson and Bob Dole in Wash., DC in the early 1980’s.

With Al Gore during his first Presidential Campaign in 1988. Has participated in bus tours for voter registration and clean water initiative in California and in Pennsylvania for the Gore 2000 Campaign.


Former Board Member of the Hollywood Women’s Political Committee (HWPC)

In conference in Congressional Dining Room with fmr Congressman Vic Fazio, Robert Foxworth, Fmr Congressman Richard Gephardt and Peter Horton.

Founding member of ECO (Earth Communications Office)

With Senator Edward Kennedy while lobbying for AIDS research with Joel Brooks and Lorna Luft.

With Kim Cranston and former Senator Alan Cranston giving reporters a first-hand look at the environment we’re trying to protect. Testified before the Senate for Environmental Issues – specifically desert preservation.


Participating in a panel discussion for the Committee for Economic Development (CED) (a bi-partisan group) with Charles Kolb, Chris Matthews and Michael Barone.

Giving award for CED – awarding Excellence in Public Policy Award to Sen. Russell D. Feingold, Sen. John McCain, Rep. Martin T. Meehan, and Rep. Christopher Shays (pictured).

With Shimon Peres, head of Israeli Party (currently Vice Premiere of Israel).

With a Polish U.N. Officer and former Ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith at a bunker encampment in Krajina (Serbian-held Croatia) in 1994.

Founding member of ECO (Earth Communications Office)

Participated in the unveiling of the AIDS Quilt in Washington, D.C.


Face The Nation – appeared to talk about Choice

Nightline – several appearances over the years – including a Town Hall on AIDS, which was the first town hall that Nightline ever did

Barbara Walters AIDS Special

Met Life AIDS Special

Larry King – several appearances over the years, including the Democratic National Convention in 1988 and Diabetes in 2005

NBC News – during Presidential Campaign 2000

CNN – multiple appearances on various issues

O’Reilly Report ( Fox News) – multiple appearances on various issues

Hardball with Chris Matthews (MSNBC) – multiple appearances on various issues

Politically Incorrect – multiple appearances on various issues

Scarborough Country ( MSNBC) – Presidential campaign 2004

Coast to Coast (MSNBC) – New icons for the 21st Century