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Morgan Fairchild Autographed Super Looks Book

Personally autographed book. The 1984 publication Morgan Fairchild’s Super Looks, one of many beauty books to come out during the 1970s and ’80s in which glitzy celebs shared their recipes for bodily success and stylistic excess.

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First Name Inscription:

Morgan Fairchild Autographed One Woman Magazine

ONE WOMAN 1983 Photo Magazine Premier Issue

ONE WOMAN was a new periodical launched in 1983 featuring “one woman” in every edition, photographed by numerous pro photographers. The very first edition, and most scarce, focuses on Morgan. Beautiful, very tasteful and very sexy. More artsy than erotic. This is the Special Edition 1983 Photo Magazine Premier Issue which has 96 pages of Interviews and full color photos.

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Morgan Fairchild Autographed The Seduction Movie Poster

One of Morgan’s most popular feature films, THE SEDUCTION stars Morgan as L.A. anchorwoman Jamie Douglas who has it all: a glamorous career on a top-rated news show, a luxurious house in the hills, and a devoted young admirer named Derek (Andrew Stevens). But when Jamie rebuffs his romantic advances, Derek becomes an obsessed stalker who plays out an increasingly psychotic courtship with the frightened newswoman. Soon he is threatening every part of her life, secretly watching even her most intimate moments. Her tough-talking lover can’’t console her. A by-the-book cop can’’t protect her. Now Jamie is alone, trapped like an animal and fighting back with the only weapon she has left.

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Morgan Fairchild Unshackled DVD

Morgan stars in this feature film as as Mrs. Rebecca Miller. This is the story of two men. One, Harold Morris is white – a sharecroppers son from South Carolina. The other, Marcus ‘Doc’ Odomes is black – raised by his mother in inner city New York. Both serving life sentences, they are thrown in a small cell together. This is their story.

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First Name Inscription:

Fabulous XOXO by Morgan Fairchild

Fragrance Features:
A complex bouquet of romantic florals mixed with a hint of watery green notes and a dash of citrus are a modern approach to a classic scent. Chic and sophisticated, yet fresh and youthful all at once. Fragrance fanatics concur that Fabulous can be worn with a little black dress and heels as easily as your favorite jeans! The striking look of the vintage French bottle is elegant and hip in spirit like the luxe scent within. Designed specifically for Morgan who is known for her exceptional beauty and glamour.
How to Use:
Spray on your body for a wonderful aroma.
Ingredients: 1.7 oz Pure Perfume in 20% solution.

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Special Autographed Box sells for $50.00.

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